Mt. Tzouhalem Ecological Reserve wildflower update

Death Camas or Meadow Deathcamas (Zigadenus venenosus)
Death Camas

The wildflowers at the Mt. Tzouhalem Ecological Reserve have certainly peaked at this time. While a few species have pretty much gone; shooting stars and fawn lilies, many of the others are at or near their prime. The balsamroot flowers are beautiful at this stage although may only be that way for a few days if the good weather continues. The common camas and death camas are both blooming strongly and should be even better next week! While there are a few chocolate lilies in the area they are close to the end of their blooming season. Carpets of buttercup and spring blush and sea foam are mixed in with the camas lilies.

The spectacular Garry oak trees are looking great with their new leaves beginning to open. If you haven’t had a chance to visit this prime Cowichan wildflower meadow this is likely your best opportunity to see it at its’ finest.

Common Camas, Mt Tzouhalem Ecological Reserve
Common Camas, Mt Tzouhalem Ecological Reserve
Wildflower meadow at the Mt Tzouhalem Ecological Reserve
Wildflower meadow at the Mt Tzouhalem Ecological Reserve
Balsamroot on Mt. Tzouhalem


  1. nice pictures from the ecological reserve. this the reserve closed off from the general public? steve

  2. Hi Steve,

    Parts of the reserve are closed to the public but a good portion of it is accessible. It’s well worth the visit!

  3. Hello: A friend and I want to visit Mount Tzouhalem this spring to see the Balsamroot. I am wondering if you could give me an idea of the approximate they will bloom. My guess is that it is soon….sometime in early April?? I would really appreciate your input. Thank you.